The different flavors of pizzas according to the regions of the world

Pizza flavors

Pizza is a popular dish around the world, but there are several flavors of pizzas that vary depending on the region where they are made. In Italy, the Neapolitan pizza is probably the most famous. It is characterized by a thin and crispy crust, and is often garnished with fresh tomatoes, […]

Some unusual facts about pizza!

Unusual facts about pizza

Pizza is an emblematic dish of Italian cuisine that has conquered the whole world. However, there are several unusual facts to know about pizza!

The best dishes to serve your guests at your next hockey night!

hockey night

Televised hockey game evenings are a time of relaxation and entertainment for sports fans. To make these evenings even more enjoyable, it is important to serve dishes that will please all guests. Here are some ideas of dishes to serve during your next match nights […]

The secret to a successful pizza!

Secret successful pizza

Pizza is a popular and unifying dish. On the South Shore of Montreal, it is certainly at Jacques Cartier Pizza that you will find the best pizza! On the other hand, if you want to concoct your own pizza at home, here are some tips for making a pizza like those at Jacques Cartier Pizza! By following these tips, […]

A few tips for making the best pizza

The best pizza place

We offer you some tips for making the best pizza ever! First of all, what is important to know is the order in which you should add the ingredients. The first ingredient is certainly the sauce that must be spread directly on the pizza dough. At Jacques Cartier Pizza, you have the chance to […]

Pizza for your hockey nights!

Hockey pizza delivery

Who says televised hockey game, says pizza! Jacques Cartier Pizza is definitely your ally for a successful hockey night with friends. Even sometimes, hockey nights are an excuse to order pizza! You can count on their efficient delivery service to ensure that your favorite pizzas arrive on time. You can […]

Jacques Cartier Pizza is not just pizza!

pasta restaurant

Jacques Cartier Pizza, a family business, is renowned and specializes in preparing the best pizza in the region. On the other hand, the restaurant also offers a multitude of other dishes, all the tastiest of each other and you absolutely have to discover them! Here are some meal ideas that you can order in […]