A few tips for making the best pizza

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We offer you some tips for making the best pizza that is! First of all, what is important to know is the order in which you should add the ingredients. 

The first ingredient is certainly the sauce that must be spread directly on the pizza dough. At Jacques Cartier Pizza, you have the chance to buy directly at the restaurant or by delivery their famous chef's sauce (availability may vary from branch to branch). You will be able to reproduce the authentic taste of our pizza. The secret is not to spread the sauce to the edges of the dough to allow the crust to rise well during cooking.

Then you have to add the meats that need to be well cooked, such as pepperoni, THE bacon, THE ham, THE chicken or the sausage. If the meat has already been pre-cooked, it can also be placed on top of the cheese. The important thing is to dose the quantity well and not to put too much to bury the taste of other foods. Mushrooms can also be added at this stage. Now is the time to add the cheese! The best pizza cheese is without a doubt mozzarella since it melts and stretches well. Fresh mozzarella is the secret to making your pizza delicious. Finally, we suggest that peppers, pineapples, tomatoes, herbs, olives or onions be placed on top to add color to the pizza so that it is as delicious to look at as it is to eat. eat!

Jacques Cartier Pizza attaches great importance to the quantity and the order in which the ingredients are placed since this largely contributes to obtaining a successful pizza. There food freshness is also one of our significant criteria since it is important for us to offer you nothing less than the best! Come see us, you won't be disappointed!

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