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Proudly affiliated with Aliment du Québec, Each pizza we prepare is a tribute to the culinary riches of our region, featuring local ingredients carefully selected for their freshness and quality.

Owning a Jacques Cartier Pizza franchise would be an incredible way for you to manage your own business while benefiting from an already well-established structure.

You are in business For yourself, not by yourself. You have the pleasure of meeting people, team members of your restaurant, customers and members of your community.

We have nearly fifteen Jacques Cartier Pizza branches on the large territory of the South Shore of Montreal.

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Our big family

Franchise Support

We are here to provide comprehensive support and ensure our franchisees thrive, whether through operational advice, marketing support or ongoing training. Together we aim to create a thriving network of successful franchisees. Our success is your success and we are committed to helping with all your needs.

Our services include:

Design and construction

We provide franchisees with construction advice and innovative design expertise.


Our company equips franchisees with marketing strategies to ensure their success.


Our comprehensive training program meticulously prepares franchisees for success.


We optimize the success of our franchisees with financial resources and strategies.


Our company provides operational instruction and advice as well as ongoing support to our franchisees to ensure their business operates efficiently.