Pizza for your hockey nights!

Hockey pizza delivery
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Who says hockey match televised, says pizza! Jacques Cartier Pizza is definitely your ally for a successful hockey night with friends. Even though sometimes hockey nights are a pretext for order pizza! You can rely on them delivery service efficient to ensure that your favorite pizzas arrive on time. You can also opt to pick up your pizza from the restaurant itself, if you wish, and thus briefly get to know the team that prepares your pizzas!

Offering more than one twenty kinds of pizzas, you and your friends will certainly find your account there. You can opt for individual size pizzas or large pizzas to share up to 18 inches. Accompany your pizzas with chicken wings or fries and your evening will be a success, guaranteed! Visit our website to find out about the vast choice of pizzas available to you, you will be pleasantly surprised! Several specials are also available to offer you variety and satisfy all tastes. You will find there pizza combo deals accompanied by fries and beverages that will certainly suit your budget.

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