The best dishes to serve your guests at your next hockey night!

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THE hockey game nights televised are a moment of relaxation and entertainment for sports fans. To make these evenings even more enjoyable, it is important to serve dishes that will please all guests. Here are some ideas of dishes to serve during your upcoming televised hockey game nights.

First of all, the chicken wings are a must for all sports evening. It is possible to prepare them in different ways, such as grilled, fried or even in a buffalo version with a hot sauce. Chicken wings can be served with a variety of sauces, such as sour cream or salsa, for a little extra flavor. Restaurant Jacques Cartier Pizza can you deliver their delicious chicken wings served with barbecue sauce. You will be able to serve them to your guests without even having to cook them or move around.

Snacks are a must during these evenings. THE pretzels, THE chips, THE nut and the olives are popular options. At the house of Jacques Cartier Pizza, you can choose to order cheese sticks, of garlic bread or good hot fries.

THE pizza are certainly a popular choice for hockey nights since they share well. You can order your pizzas at Jacques Cartier Pizza or prepare them yourself using fresh and quality ingredients. THE pepperoni and sausage pizzas are popular options, but you can also opt for more original options like hawaiian pizza or some vegetarian pizza. Visit the Jacques Cartier Pizza website to see all the possible choices.

Hot dishes are also a popular choice for televised hockey game nights. THE submarines, THE pasta, THE burgers and the poutine are great options to serve your guests to keep them full. All of these choices are available at restaurant Jacques Cartier Pizza in delivery or order to take away. Now all you have to do is enjoy!

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