Some unusual facts about pizza!

Unusual facts about pizza

There pizza is an emblematic dish of the Italian food who conquered the whole world. However, there are several unusual facts to know about pizza!

  1. The pizza is not originally from Italy. The ancestors of modern pizza were flatbreads made from flour, water and yeast, called “focaccia“, which were eaten in Egypt thousands of years ago. It wasn't until the Middle Ages in Italy that pizza makers started adding tomato sauce and other ingredients to create the pizza we know today.
  2. There Margherita Pizza is the most popular pizza in Italy. It was created in 1889 to celebrate the visit of Queen Margherita of Savoy to Naples. The pizza was decorated with Italian flag colors red (tomato), white (mozzarella) and green (basil), to recall the national colors. At the restaurant Jacques Cartier Pizza, you can taste the best Margherita pizza of the region. Trust us and go try it, you won't be disappointed!
  3. The world record for the largest pizza was set in 2016 by a team of Italian pizza makers, who created a pizza 1.595 km in length. It was baked for six hours and topped with 40 tons of tomato sauce, 18 tons of mozzarella and 3 tons of olive oil. At the restaurant Jacques Cartier Pizza you will not find a pizza measuring 1 km in length, but several formats are available to you. From single-portion pizza to jumbo size, you'll find what you're looking for.
  4. The United States is the largest consumer of pizza in the world. Americans consume about 350 slices of pizza per second, or more than 100 million pizzas per week. The busiest days for pizzerias in the United States are Super Bowl Sunday, Halloween and New Year's Eve. In Quebec, it is certainly hockey game nights And moving days who are the busiest for the Restaurant Jacques Cartier Pizza.
  5. There exists a vegan pizza called “pizza alla diavola”, which is topped with hot peppers and peppers, which is very popular in Italy. There is also a vegetarian pizza called “pizza capricciosa”, which is topped with mushrooms, olives, artichokes and eggs. THE Restaurant Jacques Cartier Pizza offers you their own version of the vegetarian pizza and she is delicious!
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