Behind the scenes at Jacques Cartier Pizza: a day in the life of a pizza maker

A day in the life of a pizza maker
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When you think of a pizza maker, you might imagine someone throwing dough in the air and spinning it easily like in a movie. But the truth is, making pizza takes a lot of work and precision. At Jacques Cartier Pizza, our pizzaiolos are from true craftsmen dedicated to their profession and always keen to create the perfect pizza. Here's a day in the life of a pizza maker!

A typical day for one of our pizza makers starts early in the morning. They arrive before the restaurant opens to start preparing the dough. Each batch of dough is made from scratch using a mixture of imported Italian flour, fresh yeast and filtered water. The dough is then left to rise for several hours, developing the complex flavors and perfect texture that make the reputation of Jacques Cartier Pizza.

As lunch and supper time approaches, our pizza makers get to work shaping the dough and adding toppings. They work with proven precision and speed, carefully distributing cheeses, vegetables and meats and spreading the sauce just right. Once the topped pizzas, they slip them into our oven where the intense heat creates the perfect balance between crispy crust and the melting cheese.

But the work of a pizza maker isn't finished when the pizza comes out of the oven. They still have to carefully inspect each pizza and make sure it meets the standard of excellence of Jacques Cartier Pizza, before it is served to a customer.

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