5 Facts About Canada's Pizzerias

5 Facts About Canada's Pizzerias
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  1. THE pizzerias are one of the types ofmost popular catering establishments in Canada. According Statistics, in 2020, the pizza restaurants accounted for approximately 14.2% of food service establishments in Canada.
  2. Pizza restaurants have seen an increase in online orders during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a survey conducted by NPD Group, THE online orders for the delivery and the take away service increased significantly in restaurants, including pizzerias, since the start of the pandemic.
  3. THE canadian pizzerias tend to use local and seasonal ingredients. According Canadian Restaurants, more and more canadian restaurateurs seek to use local and seasonal ingredients to offer fresher and better quality dishes to their customers.
  4. THE pizza restaurants in Canada have increased the use of alternative cooking methods, such as wood oven. According Pizza Today, more and more pizza restaurants in Canada use wood-fired ovens to cook their pizzas, which allows them to stand out from the competition by offering a product of superior quality.
  5. Pizzerias in Canada have more and morevegetarian and vegan options. According to a survey of NPD Group, the sales of vegetarian and vegan pizzas increased by 20% over the last 12 months in Canada, proof that consumers are increasingly aware of their environmental impact and their health.


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