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New at Jacques Cartier Pizza! In order to maintain the trust of our loyal customers and for the sake of authenticity, we have decided to join the program of Aliment du Québec! At Jacques Cartier Pizza, we believe in highlighting local products on our menu. By registering for this program, our company had to meet rigorous criteria in order to be able to advertise ourselves as a member of the program. We have therefore submitted to the verification process, many of our products and ingredients used daily in our recipes. In order to obtain recognition from the program, our menu had to be composed of a minimum of 60% of local products and ingredients throughout the year. We sincerely believe that offering our customers fresh ingredients produced and grown in Quebec is a guarantee of quality, transparency and authenticity. The Quebec certified foods program inspires confidence since consumers easily recognize the origin of the products they consume and we are aware that more and more Quebecers are looking for the Quebec foods logo in their consumption habits. We are convinced that the quality of our dishes lies in the quality of our ingredients. This is why we pay particular attention to their choices. Our beautiful province is full of gourmet products and local ingredients and we believe it is essential to put them forward in our recipes. 

At Jacques Cartier Pizza, our desire to join the program was also a question of values since we strongly believe that it is important to offer our customers our best ingredients and to encourage local production. Using local products and ingredients also means reducing our environmental footprint. We are proud to be a Quebec company and to encourage the local economy!

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