Jacques Cartier Pizza

The best pizza in La Prairie

A tasty pizza prepared with fresh and quality products. Jacques Cartier prepares the best pizza in La Prairie and on the South Shore. Come and taste it!

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Our pizzeria in La Prairie

You wonder how we can claim to offer the best pizza in La Prairie ? Simply because we use the best ingredients to make our pizzas. The dough is prepared daily, our tomatoes are imported directly from Italy and the ingredients used for the fillings are fresh and carefully selected to give you the best quality every time. The result: crispy and so tasty pizzas! Ask around what is the best pizza in La Prairie. No doubt we will answer you Jacques Cartier Pizza !

Freshness above all

All of our pizzas are made to order. We do not assemble anything in advance!

The dough is made daily by our pizza makers and kneaded by hand according to tradition. The sauce is concocted with sun-ripened tomatoes, according to the family recipe and simmered for long hours in order to draw out all the subtlety of the aromas. We select our ingredients with the greatest care and choose only best quality products.

You are therefore certain to have a pizza that is perfectly fresh, crispy and cooked to perfection. In short, you are sure to eat the best pizza in La Prairie and on the South Shore !

The secret is in the sauce

All Italians will tell you: the secret to a good pizza is the sauce!

This is why we import our tomatoes directly from Italy. Juicy and tasty tomatoes, ripened in the Mediterranean sun, give our sauce that special taste that makes us proud. Obviously, we add our secret touch which has been a family secret for several generations. Needless to insist, this secret will not be divulged!

A pizza that takes you on a journey

Take a bite and experience, or relive, an Italian getaway that will awaken all your senses.

Close your eyes and imagine the song of the cicadas of the Mediterranean, the colorful houses, the Vespas venturing into the narrow streets of Trastevere, and the Dolce Vita, this sweetness of life of which only the Italians have the secret. That's all you find in our pizzas!

THE Mediterranean flavors, olive oil, tasty cheeses au gratin to perfection, a crispy and delicately melting dough, fresh and tasty products that will bring you a little tear of nostalgia.

A pizza that titillates your senses and transports you to Italy with every bite.

A pizza that creates an explosion of flavors and makes your taste buds waltz, it's bound to be the best pizza. It's a Jacques-Cartier pizza !

The best pizza in town, period!

The reputation of Jacques Cartier Pizza is second to none and, let's be clear, our pizza has not become there best pizza in La Prairie without reason.

For nearly 60 years, we have been offering pizzas made with fresh, quality products and above all with lots and lots of love!

A family tradition that we have shared with you for several generations and for a very long time to come.

Jacques Cartier Pizza : quite simply there best pizza in La Prairie and all over the South Shore.